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      A Christmas Gift

      This time of the year, people open their hearts to helping those that don't have a lot. That was the case Sunday afternoon at Coco's Restaurant in Marquette.

      The owner, Jackie Gonda, says Christmas changed for her after losing her mother a few years back. Jackie has filled that void the last two years, with a Christmas gift for children who don't have much.

      Jackie, her friends, customers and other businesses put on the Christmas event complete with food, ice cream, Santa Claus and gifts. Jackie says, "I don't want to cry, because let me tell you it's a very emotional day for us, because we don't need anything and it's nice to see someone who does, get what they need and make them happy for Christmas."

      The children say they're grateful for the party and gifts. Aurora Saterestad-Scott says, "Nice to be able to have something where we can get gifts and eat food with family and friends. It means a lot to me." Annabelle Wilbanks says, "I like the presents and Santa coming to it's the best." Kaitlyn Hosking says, "It just means that like someone actually would do this and show that they actually care and want people to have a good time."

      The gifts, food and volunteers who make this possible do it for nothing more than the warm feeling they get in their heart at this time of the year.