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      A conference bridges the gap between labor and management, for the 44th time

      Have you ever had an issue at work and didnâ??t know how to address it? Perhaps you should have been at Thursdayâ??s conference.

      Management and labor throughout the U.P. are looking to improve communication and conflict resolution in the workplace. To do that, more than 150 people came together for the 44th annual U.P. Labor-Management Council Conference.

      Each year the topics vary according to current issues; this yearâ??s hot topic was President Obamaâ??s Affordable Care Act. This session discussed recent developments in the act and addressed questions about implementation.

      Although the topics change annually, the goal is always the same.

      â??We get together as a group and try to promote cooperation between labor and management in the workplaces of the U.P. as a way to promote the common good for our economy,â?? said UPLMC board member, Laura Katers Reilly.

      Others topics this year included anticipating and planning for conflict in the workplace and positively influencing employees around you.

      Guest speaker Ken Trzaska told guests to think from their heart and â??listen to their gutâ?? when resolving conflict in the workplace.

      â??Really caring for each other and looking for ways to motivate the people around you,â?? said Trzaska. â??Really create a truly positive work environment where people are there to work with each other and not against each other.â??

      Returning attendant, Renee Hiller, not only learns from the sessions, but also enjoys meeting new people.

      â??I do think itâ??s a worthwhile thing,â?? said Hiller, â??especially attending the conference, but also being able to network with other people from around the U.P. I think itâ??s a great expirence.â??

      If you are interested in attending next yearâ??s conference, visit the U.P. Labor-Management Council website for more information.