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      A crowd gathers for annual tractor pull

      The U.P. Garden tractor pullers held their first pull of the summer Saturday in Flat Rock.

      A total of 18 tractors, ranging in size and power, participated in the pull. Most of the tractors are modified lawn mowers, run by motorcycle engines. But there were a few power houses, as well, in the 'Super-Outlaw' category. Those tractors boasted 4- cylinder car engines.

      Organizers feared the rain Friday night would wash out the event, but a healthy crowd did turn out to watch the fun.

      "It's the greatest fun that I've ever had, and I'm 71 years old! I've never done anything and had some much fun doing it," said Donald Casteel, one of the pullers.

      The three dollar admission fee is donated to the Flat Rock Fire Department.