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      A day in the life: Motor Carrier Officer

      Officer Jennifer Stolberg of the Michigan State Police patrols the roadways daily. But her job comes with a heavier load than the average trooper. Stolberg is part of a specialized field called the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division.

      "We focus on unsafe vehicles, unsafe drivers," said Officer Jennifer Stolberg. "Any loads that are overweight, oversized, over width, over height, we do criminal interdiction, Hazmat."

      The division has been part of the Michigan State Police for nearly 30 years. We tagged along with Officer Stolberg to get a sense of the duties. Sergeant Kevin Dowling says it's no easy task.

      "It's a difficult area; a lot of their work involves a safety inspection," said Sgt. Dowling. "From security of a load, to the breaking systems, the tires, the driver requirements... it's very complicated."

      Like every other trooper, Stolberg graduated at a 20-week police academy and successfully finished 17 weeks of field training. We've learned her eyes are always open. Near the crossroads in Sands Township, she spots a possible violation.

      In our first routine stop, Officer Stolberg is checking to make sure that the driver has all the proper documentation to operate on the road.

      "He does not have his driver's license with him, he does not have his medical card," Stolberg said.

      In this case, a remote control on the truck is also broken, a serious violation.

      "I am going to write him a citation," Stolberg said. "Obviously, if there's a catastrophic failure for his safety and anybody else in the vicinity, we want to make sure the remote is working so we can shut off the propane."

      Stolberg is one of roughly 60 other motor carrier officers in the U.P., and the good news is that she is recruiting for more.

      To learn how you can get involved, click here.