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      A dozen seaplanes line the lakeshore of Grand Marais

      Residents had quite the spectacle this weekend in Grand Marais as 14 planes lined the shores of the harbor for the 13th Annual Splash In.

      "It's always nice to come to these types of events. It brings the same types of pilots together," says retired airline pilot, Fred Rakunas. "We all love water flying."

      Pilots happily took passengers high in the skies for an aerial tour of the harbor. But even those just watching from the shores still enjoyed themselves.

      "I come every year," says Kobina St. Martin, a Grand Marais resident. "It's just fun watching the planes and all the excitement, the's just fun."

      The weekend also puts the flying skills of these passionate pilots to the test. The contests included the perfect landing and trying to smack a buoy with a water balloon from 200 feet in the air.

      Cliff Kinery, a pilot for over 30 years, joked about "putting soap bubbles" in his balloons. "So when it breaks, they blow right into the raft," admitted Kinery.