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      A fair to remember...

      While the Florence County Fair wasn't open on Wednesay, that afternoon was very important for exhibitors.

      â??All of the exhibitors came in today, this afternoon, and then they are judged tomorrow,â?? said fair manager, Jessica Klumpp.

      And being judged on Thursday meant prep time on Wednesday. Anything from fresh produce to homemade crafts could be entered into the contest. â??All of these are Christmas gifts,â?? said Ruth Knutson, who entered items. â??I just do that to save materials and stuff.â??

      Ruth made crocheted creations as well as cookies, so she knows that when it comes to judging, it needs to be close to perfect. â??You donâ??t really want one tight one row, one really loose; they want consistency. For the food, it's got to be cooked right; it can't be raw or over-baked,â?? Knutson said.

      The fair is officially kicking off on Friday, and coordinators are excited about events and new additions, including the brand new Beer Stand pavilion. It was just constructed this year and includes a permanent stage where nighttime performances will be held. â??Our nighttime band will be on that second stage; it's much bigger, and then, of course, the beer stand; we serve all sorts of food out of there. We have an official dedication planned on Friday at 5 p.m.,â?? Klumpp said.

      This weekend will include fireworks, a magic show, a maple syrup contest, and more. The cost is seven dollars per car, and it can be used all weekend. For more information on events happening this weekend, visit the fairâ??s website.