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      A feast for foodies at NMU

      The Native American Studies program and NMU held their 12th annual food taster event Friday evening. This year's event featured a number of unique items on the menu. Organizers worked to prepare food that was native to the upper Great Lakes area. Bison venison meatloaf, turkey pumpkin soup and sweet potatoes were just a few of the items served.

      "Some of the materials we used for preparing this, the spices and the meats and stuff, these are things that some of us had to actually go out and forage for or go hunt and fish," said Martin Reinhardt, NMU Professor. "It's an opportunity for us to connect closer to nature and for folks to eat things from the local area."

      Friday's food taster also tied in with the decolonizing project that is currently underway. Participants are changing their diets to focus on foods found in nature before the area was colonized.