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      A+ for Westwood's renovated science wing

      Westwood High School's new science wing was completely torn up and rebuilt before the start of the school year. The $530,000 project came from a sinking fund that was started ten years ago. Now there are five renovated classrooms full of new equipment. One of the main goals of the renovations was safety improvements, which included installing new electrical wiring and eyewash stations.

      "We were concerned about the gas lines. Our table tops were moving. We were afraid the gas lines were going to break. The sinks were leaking," said math and chemistry teacher Terry Balzarini.

      Now it's practically night and day, and students are enjoying the changes.

      "When you come in and do a lab, you know that everything is going to be working and you have new stuff, so it makes it exciting to have new gear," said Westwood senior Francois Montbrun.

      The project also involved improving the technology used in class, making for a more modern learning environment.

      "With the technology updates and so forth, the students can interact more with me and actually lead more in the lessons," Balzarini said.

      NICE Community School's Superintendent Bryan DeAugustine says things are going well and that these renovations are all thanks to the community.

      "It's really provided us the opportunity to explore our science, technology, engineering, and math, and we're very grateful for that because as a small school, it allows us to do some things that other small schools can't," said DeAugustine. Westwood's administration plans to make more improvements in other departments in the future, including purchasing more iPads for classrooms.