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      A glimpse into the Civil War

      You have just stepped into the late 1800s, during the Civil War era. Men are dressed in wool uniforms, women are in full length dresses, all walking around Fort Wilkins.

      Imagine what life was like at that time. Rob Strittnatter, Unit Supervisor, says that's the purpose of the 27th Annual Battery D Civil War Encampment.

      "Kind of brings you back to a simpler time and brings history to life for people. It really, I think, gives children and adults an opportunity to learn outside of the classroom setting; hands on is the best way people learn," said Strittnatter.

      Jim Newkirk is the Fort Commander of more than 30 members who all dressed up and played their part throughout the weekend.

      "Feet walking on the boardwalk and conversations from last night sitting in front of the barracks playing cribbage. For all the world, it was 1866 or 1868 and just a wonderful time," said Newkirk.

      At the fort, soldiers would sleep on cots, on the battlefield, in tents or just on the ground.

      It sounds like war as the cannon goes off in a demonstration that drew a crowd of people.

      "To let people know how the guns were used, how they work, the uniforms, the equipment, the commands. Hopefully it's the whole package," Newkirk said.

      Following the artillery demonstration, doctors showed us how they would assess a soldier's wound. They used chloroform and ether as an anesthesia to perform amputations.