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      A grand exploration

      Grand Island has been invaded.

      Dozens of kids piled onto the island Tuesday as a part of Alger County MSU Extension's 12th annual youth program, Life on Lake Superior.

      "These kids have grown up along the shores of Lake Superior, and it's a valuable part of our lives. We want them to have the opportunity to get out and be on the water, be near the water, and learn about our community so they take pride in the area," said Joan Vinette from MSU Extension.

      The program aims to get kids experiencing all aspects of Lake Superior with several workshops.

      The children got to explore Mather Beach, visit archaeology sites, and a look at how early tools were made. Then, they made a trip to the Farm Field where children in the program have restored thousands of native plants over the years.

      Since 2008, the kids have planted 5,000 flowers in one day each time they visit. In fact, the seeds they plant are harvested on the island.

      "It makes you just kind of feel good about how you're helping the land and stuff. You can see how, all over the years, how everyone has put a big impact on the land," said program participant Maccoy Freeman.

      To learn more about the other workshops this month, click here.