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      A guide to sunburn treatment and prevention

      The recent hot temperatures may have sent many in the Upper Peninsula to the beach, but not taking the proper precautions can leave you with a nasty sunburn.

      For your Facebook Story of the Day we looked at ways to prevent sunburns and treat them. Experts say use standard SPF 30 sunblock before heading outdoors. Hot spots like your shoulders, neck and calves burn easily, so re-apply every few hours.

      "Vinegar! I swear by it," said Facebook user Missy Pontbriand. "I usually just pour it on to a paper towel and wipe it on the burned areas. It takes the sting away, and cuts down on that stiff feeling."

      "Sun exposure is cumulative if you burn a lot when you're young, it's important to cover up after that and even during because over time it increases your chance of skin cancer so it's important to cover up even if you're outside for a half hour, an hour, you might not feel much, but then the next day you might notice," said Walgreen's Pharmacy Intern, Sam Wiltzius.

      Some pharmacists recommend the popular Aloe vera. It cools your skin and eases the pain.

      - SPF Explained