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      A head start on Christmas

      From a smiling snowman to a bear family, there was a tree decorated for every personality at this year's Christmas Tree Galleria.

      "We have 42 Christmas trees that have been brought in and decorated by different exhibitors, explained Harriet Fiorani, the chair of the event TMs committee. We have religious themes, patriotic themes with red, white, and blue, and we even have one that's called ~Warm hands, warm hearts TM that's full of hats and mittens."

      This event started out as a fund-raiser that would help the Iron County Museum defray their winter utility bills, but is now a tradition that's been attracting residents for the last 19 years.

      "It's basically the start of the Christmas season, exclaimed Iron River resident Arthur Sacheck. My wife is really into Christmas, and basically it sets the stage for the whole Christmas season.

      And the holiday cheer didn TMt end there. Over 100 residents made sure to attend on Sunday for the highlight of the Christmas Tree Galleria|a concert by the Bell Ringers of the United Lutheran Church in Crystal Falls.

      "They're from our church, so I know all the ladies and I love to hear them!" laughed Kaaren Ness of Crystal Falls.

      This festive day was also enjoyed by a much, much younger audience. "With this being his first Christmas, it's important for him to experience the magic and the spirit of Christmas," said Danya Sasada about her nine-month-old son, Liam.

      The Christmas Tree Galleria will continue for residents through next Sunday, November 16, culminating with a raffle and one last musical performance by the Judge and Jury Band.