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      A healthy new you in the New Year

      During the busy holidays, delicious food, festive drinks and letting fitness routines slide can lead to a few extra pounds around the waistline.

      Escanabaâ??s Anytime Fitness member Lora Kositzky explains how she feels when she stops working out.

      "I just feel worse about myself. I feel really down,â?? said Kositzky. â??I don't feel as healthy as I should be for my age."

      But, with the New Year comes new resolutions and gym memberships. When looking for a gym or fitness center, be sure to check out the classes, amenities, hours and prices before choosing which one is right for you.

      The Escanaba YMCA is one option.

      â??One thing about the YMCA is that we're very community oriented,â?? said Tim Brandt, Personal Trainer at the YMCA in Escanaba. â??We really put the 'family first' aspect into our facility. Right now we've got kids in the gym doing day camps while school is out.â??The YMCA offers an Olympic-sized pool, sauna, hot tub, exercise classes and personal trainers. To take advantage of the classes and trainers, you do not have to be a member; however, the rates are lower for membership holders.

      The local Curves franchise is a womenâ??s fitness-focused program that is currently teaming with Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser.

      "We are circuit training,â?? said Jan Mortl, co-owner of the Escanaba Curves franchise. â??You are working in a circle. So we have upper body, lower body all the way around the room. So you're working all your major muscle groups in the same work out.â??Anytime Fitness gives members the option to work out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All members have an electronic key that allows access to any of their locations worldwide. They feature private showers and free tanning.

      Members and owners alike remind those who are discouraged, getting fit and healthy is a day-by-day process.

      â??Even if you don't see results right away,â?? Kositzky said. â??If you keep coming back, you will eventually see them. If you just give it your all, one day at a time, you're going to see results.â??