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      A History of Michigan in Paintings

      Through the acquisition of a rural home in Menominee County, a stunning collection of Michigan history illustrations was discovered. Now, these 25 illustrations are being displayed at Bay College in Escanaba.

      In 1963 the Michigan Bell Telephone Company commissioned artist Robert Thom of Birmingham to create a series of oil painting depicting our state??s history. The final project begins when mastodons roamed the state and ends with the building of the Mackinac Bridge. This series was found in the home of Ronald and Annette Johnson, who donated them to the college for the community??s enjoyment.

      ??I think it??s really wonderful because it was found in this area and it??s also work that is really well done,?? said Fine Arts coordinator Kristine Granger. ??Its beautiful work, and I think we??re very lucky to have it.??

      The art will remain on display for the next month in the Hartwig Gallery at Bay College.