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      A home in turmoil; did a child pay the price?

      The tragic case of alleged first degree child abuse began when Angel Dawn Micheau's then three-month-old baby was diagnosed with second degree burns and broken bones.

      On Monday the trial began with testimony from the nurse that assessed the child's injuries.

      On Tuesday, the father of the child, Ron Micheau, took the witness stand. He was one of 11 witnesses Prosecutor Steve Parks called to take the stand on day two of the trial. Among the witnesses there were doctors, a child protection worker, friends, and a Public Safety detective.

      According to Child Protection worker, Julie Stevenson, during one discussion last year, Angel Micheau pulled up the sleeves of her hooded sweatshirt and showed Stevenson her arms.

      "She said, 'See, I didn't burn the baby. Because if I did, I'd be burned, too.'" recalled Stevenson.

      A person that Ron Micheau does season work for, Dustin Skerbeck, also testified and claimed that the couple seemed to argue about everything.

      "You've heard the saying about how it takes two to tango," said Prosecutor Steve Parks.

      "Yeah, I have," responded Ron Micheau.

      "I mean, did you cause some of these fights?" Parks asked.

      "Oh, I'm sure I did. I mean, my drug use, but at the same time, I also tried to stop the fights by leaving. And she'd keep me in the house," Ron Micheau added.

      W hen the prosecutor asked Ron Micheau if he ever abused his daughter, he says, "No. I never did."

      T he baby is currently in foster care.

      Day three of the trial is scheduled to start at 8 a.m. on Wednesday in Delta County Circuit Court.