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      A life or death choice; drinking and driving

      This week, high school students in Marquette are learning about the potentially dire consequences of driving while intoxicated.

      On Monday morning, Officer Craig Marker of the Marquette Police Department kicked off the weeklong series with a lesson on what happens when someone suspected of driving drunk is pulled over. Speaking to freshmen health classes throughout the day, Marker went over various sobriety tests he conducts, even using a student as an example.

      His presentation also included dash-cam video showing a real-life traffic stop and a slide show of mangled cars involved in drunk driving crashes.

      "It's important for them to see what could happen when they decide to drink and drive a vehicle or even be a passenger in the vehicle where the driver has been drinking," said Marker. "We're just trying to give them some information, show them some videos of what happens to a car when it gets into a severe accident."

      On Tuesday, the freshmen will hear from a Marquette magistrate regarding the legal consequences of drinking and driving. These presentations come ahead of prom, which is this weekend.