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      A "Life Walk" in the park

      The Care Clinic in Marquette held their annual "Life Walk" Saturday, but this time around, the funds will help them expand. Hundreds showed up for the walk, balloons in hand that represent all the lives saved at the clinic. Last year alone, the clinic had more than 1,000 clients. All the services provided are free. Organizers hope to raise enough money for a satellite facility at K.I. Sawyer.

      "That would be so wonderful for the population out at K.I. Sawyer. We have a lot of clients that come into Marquette, and we help them with bus transportation. It would be much better for the community out there if we could have a presence out there and be able to help them," said Clinic Executive Director, Cindy Asher.

      Right before the walk, participants released their balloons.