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      A lineman's work is never done

      Usually when we see them working, we don't think much of it.

      They're just doing their jobs so we can turn the lights back on.

      But what exactly do Marquette Board of Light & Power linemen, or any linemen do?

      "Maintenance , just maintaining existing lines. We usually have crews doing that. And also have crews rebuilding new lines. Reconductoring poles...arms, the whole works." said BL&P lineman Jon Betz.

      In other lines of work, duties tend to stay consistent.

      But in this job, when lines can go down at any time in any weather, the hours are flexible to say the least.

      "Some days more, some days other...a little less. Just really depends on what's going on." said Betz.

      They make it look easy, but the linemen have plenty of safety equipment on hand and handle every part of their jobs with precision.

      Because when a power line accident can mean serious injury or even death to multiple parties, there is zero margin for error.

      "Make a mistake, you can't fix it. It could affect our workers and it could affect our customers. Protecting them (customers) from lines laying on the ground, and when we're working up in the air, we want to make sure we're doing it safely as well." said linemen crew leader Chad Kauppila.

      Despite the risks and the not always ideal working conditions, Betz says he has no intention of leaving.

      "I love my job. I'm outside every day. My office is outside. The tasks change everyday. I work with a lot of great guys...It's just nice to be here, doing a job I love."

      And so, he and his crew will continue to fix the power, rain or shine.