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      40 / 26
      42 / 27

      A little rain, a little Sun

      We're finally getting some rain after a relatively dry couple of weeks. June started out rainy, but there's been very little since. Saturday through Monday will not see huge amounts of rain, but there will be some.

      Saturday should see some scattered rain showers across the U.P. There is a chance for a few thundershowers as well. It will be much warmer with highs in the 70s, but the south wind will keep it cooler near Lake Michigan.

      Skies will clear up for Saturday night under a small area of high pressure. Winds will shift to a more easterly flow as a weak cold front passes. Lows will remain mild in the 50s.

      Sunday will start out nicely under mostly sunny skies and even warmer temperatures in the 70s to low 80s inland. Clouds and some chances for rain take over the forecast for the late afternoon and evening when the next system rolls through.

      Sunday night will likely see some scattered rain or thundershowers. Lows will again be mild in the 50s, but Monday will be cooler.

      Monday's highs will likely dip back into the 60s under a north wind. Expect more rain or thundershowers for parts of the daytime east, but Monday will otherwise become clear under high pressure that should last for a few days.

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