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      A Live Nativity

      Young children dressed up as shepherds, wisemen, and angels are doing more than just watching over flocks in their live reenactment of the Nativity of Jesus. They're looking to drive one simple message home to residents.

      "I'm excited just to do this so people get the hint that Jesus is important in our lives! exclaimed 13-year-old angel, Kayla Feliciano of Gwinn.

      Remembering the real reason for the season is what prompted her youth group to produce a live nativity scene at the Marquette Seventh Day Adventist Church this year...complete with rabbits, goats, and donkeys.

      "When you think about a church, you don't think about animals, but that's the setting where Jesus was actually born, explained their pastor, Ilko Tchakarov. So it will be interesting for us in a church to portray the place where Jesus was born."

      While the addition of animals to the cast might seem unconventional, the church believes it was an essential element to the nativity scene.

      "Hopefully, the Bible is going to come alive right before their eyes, said the play TMs organizer, Andrea Walechka. It's going to make them think a little bit more about why we have the Christmas season instead of all the tinsel and all of the toys."

      Those interested in seeing the nativity live instead of on television can see this free play at the Marquette Seventh Day Adventist Church in Negaunee on Saturday, December 20, at 7p.m.