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      A living wax museum created by students

      Fourth graders at South Range Elementary School are bringing history back to life.

      The event is called a Living Wax Museum, and students dressed up as historical figures from Michigan. The students' teacher, Mrs. Normand, said they've been preparing for the event for the past month.

      With the drop of a quarter into a bag, students also gave speeches about their historical figure.

      "We've learned a lot about Michigan's history," said Normand. "We've learned how many of their characters are connected to each other. Learning about their history, I think, gives them more belonging to their state and to being a part of their state's history."

      The students raised over $300 during the event, and they'd like to raise even more because all of the money will be donated to Relay for Life.

      If you'd like to help out the students, check out the Relay for Life website.