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      A look at Lake Superior in 3D

      The Michigan Iron Industry Museum in Negaunee gave visitors a chance to see vintage pictures of the U.P. in 3D.

      As part of the Tuesday afternoon lecture series, the museum had a unique look at Lake Superior and the surrounding area.

      The photos were compiled from an 1868 trip taken by University of Michigan students.

      "I have, somehow, managed through a number of sources, to put together a collection of their pictures and discovered on Google Books, a narration of their tour," said lecturer Don Balmer. "So I've put together this package which tells about their expedition and some of the things they found along the way and some of the things they did."

      The presentation highlighted some of the early mines in the area at the time as well as the difficulties early photographers faced.

      The next lecture planned for July 24 is called "Sounding Yooper." It deals with how tourism and the media have shaped the "Yooper dialect."