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      A look at local neighborhood watch

      Mike Brady and his brother Scott started K.I. Sawyer Community Watch back in 2010.

      A retired soldier, Brady formed the watch group when he saw crime of varying levels beginning to rise in Sawyer.

      "Got a group together because of the crime out there," says Brady. "It can be anything from racing dirt bikes down the street with a lot of kids around, to breaking and entering and stuff like that."

      Despite having some versatile hardware, the group wants to make clear to the community that while they deal with disturbances and disasters and assist law enforcement on occasion, they do not take the law into their own hands.

      "We're there for the community. And we'll take small calls dogs barking, stuff like that," says Brady. "Anything that's enforcement, we'll leave to the police. That's where they come in."

      The group's membership is now up to 18 from just a handful when it started. They patrol the entire community rather than just one neighborhood.

      Rather than discourage this behavior, local police actively encourage people to get into groups and take added responsibility for their neighborhood's safety.

      "We want to make sure that the community is watched over," says Michigan State Trooper Stacy Rasanen. "And we're encouraging them to just look out for their neighbors."

      Brady is more than happy to answer any questions that any concerned residents might have.

      "Stop us when we're driving down the road. We'll be more than happy to stop and talk to them. Our office is at 326 Fortress, they can stop by there and talk to us anytime."

      Registration with the police or other authorities is not necessary to form your own watch group, but the Sawyer group did it anyway just to be safe at USAonWatch.