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      A look at the 110th District

      Republican incumbent Matt Huuki and Democratic hopeful Scott Dianda are running for the 110th District State Representative seat."When they think of me, I'd like them to think about the fact that I'm here for jobs. Between the fact that I'm a small business owner myself and the fact that I love living here in the Upper Peninsula and I want to see people to be able to raise their families here in the Upper Peninsula," said Representative Matt Huuki."When the voters see my name, Scott Dianda, they're going to realize that I am the person for people, and I stand for the constituents of the 110th District," said Scott Dianda.Getting people back to work and bringing more jobs to the Western U.P. is a top priority for both candidates."We have a lot of wealth here in the Upper Peninsula. Between our commodities, we have gold, silver, nickel, copper, and there's a lot of companies looking to invest here in the Upper Peninsula, but the things where I see the most investment dollars and the ability to get most people back to work as quickly as possible is looking at our natural resources and their availability," Huuki said."I think the biggest thing to helping people get into jobs is to make sure that they have a very good education system, K-12. They have to have a good skill when they come out of school, they have to have the opportunity to go to college and we have the opportunities in northern Michigan for jobs," Dianda said.Both candidates are also advocates for education."We have targeted education, as in making sure it is a priority that we find education here in Michigan. We know it's important for our children's future, and we continue to make sure that we can do what we can to fund education," Huuki said."We need to immediately change the funding. We need to put the billion dollars back in K-12 education in the state of Michigan. We also need to improve on the vocational training throughout this district,â?? Dianda said.

      Voting for either candidate will take place November 6.