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      A marriage for the ages

      Glen and Margaret Morgan of Marquette

      The old adage that true love will find you in the end has Glen and Margaret Morgan as living proof.

      Back in 1941 Glen was drafted into World War II. Little did he know that his ticket to fight would land him the girl of his dreams.

      Soldiers in Glen's regiment were required to undergo a physical from a designated physician.

      "She worked for Dr. Lambert. She didn't have a name tag I didn't know who she was," chuckled Glen.

      But he knew she was someone special, so Glen didn't leave fate to chance. He found her file at the Social Security office next door and called his future wife for the very first time.

      "So, as gullible as I was, I told him who I was and my date of birth," said Margaret reluctantly.

      They kept each other laughing for the months to come and quickly fell in love.

      "It didn't take long," Margaret laughed.

      But soon after, Glen was shipped off to Casablanca to fight alongside General George Patton.

      "I stayed with him 'til he screwed up," Glen added.

      And Margaret would stay with Glen through it all...writing letters back and forth for four-and-a-half years.

      "I waited for him all those years," Margaret lamented.

      Six months after returning home from the war, they were married at Saint Michael Parish, because as it turned out, they didn't start off all that far apart.

      "She lived right around the corner, and I lived down on Washington Street," Glen remembered.

      After tying the knot, they started a family of their way to three boys: Glen Jr., John, and Ron.

      "The first two were ten months apart," they said laughing.

      That put a lot on their plate, and therein lies the key to their success.

      "We kept busy...oh yes, we did do that didn't we," Glen said.

      They did everything together: going on vacations to the beach, camping trips in the woods, and anything else the kids desired.

      "There's a lot of give and take, but you get through it. That's life," Glen said. At 94, they still care deeply for one another. And that's the way it's been for all 67 years of their marriage.