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      A meeting of the mayors

      Mayors from all around the Great Lakes are in Marquette this week. It's for the 10th annual Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative annual meeting where they discuss how to promote and protect the lakes. This is the first year the meeting has been held in the Superior Watershed.

      It's a meeting of mayors, 50 of them from both the U.S. and Canada. They meet every year to work together and solve problems in the Great Lakes. Former Mayor of Chicago, Richard M. Daley, is the founder of the Cities Initiative, which in its tenth year and includes over 100 mayors.

      "If we all work together, it can really formulate to a great opportunity and create revenue and jobs for people all over the Great Lakes," said former Mayor Daley. This conference is called "Great Watersheds - Superior Experiences." The mayors discuss climate change, invasive species, like the Asian Carp, and low water levels. The Superior Watershed Partnership hosts the conference. Officials say it's a unique cooperative opportunity. "One of the things we find very powerful about the organization is when you get watershed management and city management working together, it's a very effective way to address Great Lakes issues," said Carl Lindquist, Executive Director of the Superior Watershed Partnership. The Cities Initiative helps the mayors pool their resources to mutually benefit each other and their respective cities. The Superior Watershed Partnership reports the Great Lakes supply water to 40 million Canadians and Americans. "It's something that all of us should be concerned about is the quality of the Great Lakes and all of the tributaries that flow into the Great Lakes. Remember that every tributary, every river or creek that flows in has to be cleaned," Daley said. Daley is the keynote speaker Thursday. The conference wraps up on Friday.