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      A mile in their shoes

      According to the Census Bureau, one in five Americans has a disability.

      Saturday, on behalf of those 50 million Americans, residents dedicated their day to see what life was like in their shoes. And that's exactly what the event was called?: Walk a Mile in My Shoes.

      It was organized by the Delta County Regional Inclusive Community Coalition. The RICC is a group that raises disability awareness in the community.

      Participants had an opportunity to find out what it was like to have a disability and perform simple tasks.

      "It's really hard to do things without hearing," said Holly Waters, one of the participants. "I feel bad for the people who can't hear because then you can't really know what's going on around you, what people are trying to tell you."

      There is also a "shred the hate" campaign that acts to end the use of the word "retarded." A petition was available for people to sign, and folks could also write hateful words on a piece of paper and make them go away in a shredder.This was the first time the RICC has held an event like this, and organizers plan to hold similar events in the future.