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      A million dollar improvement

      The annual audit report of Bay De Noc Community College shows an overall improvement. The report was presented Wednesday to the Board of Trustees.

      Officials reported a net improvement of over one million dollars for Bay College.

      Expenses for the college decreased, as did revenue, as a result of the decreased enrollment this year. This drop in enrollment is a trend that is being seen statewide.

      Officials say the overall report delivered to the Board of Control was an unqualified, clean, audit report for the financial statements. This is the highest level of assurance that can be placed on financial statements.

      "Our option on the overall outcome of the audit is very favorable. The college has shown a very contentious attempt at managing its finances, managing enrollment, managing its people; all for the betterment of the students that go to college here at Bay College," said Steve Peacock, Audit Principal.

      All community colleges are required by state law to be audited.