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      A Museum After Dark event is coming to Marquette

      The Marquette Regional History Center will be holding its first-ever Museum After Dark event on Friday.

      Museum After Dark is meant to be a fun and educational event for children seven years and older. It is not a haunted house but will have some surprises.

      Visitors will enjoy a scavenger hunt by flashlight, and along the way they'll encounter people from history. Museum After Dark also includes story-telling, snacks, and hands-on experiences with rare historical exhibits.

      "You learn a lot about history of the region while you're running through the exhibits that are lit up in a different way than usual," said museum educator Betsy Rutz. "A little bit of music, some changes to the scenery to make the museum a different place, this evening only."

      Museum After Dark takes place from 7 to 10 p.m. on Friday. The event is free for adults, but it's $10 for one child, $15 for two and $20 for three.