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      A new approach to stopping domestic violence

      A new non-profit group in Marquette county is taking a different approach to stopping domestic violence. It's called Opportunities to Teach Options or OTTO for short.

      They work to raise awareness of resources available to those who commit domestic violence or are the victims. Assistant Prosecutor Glenn Sarka is on the board for the new group. He says he hopes they can continue to be at the forefront of preventing domestic violence.

      "We've led the country in many ways; we were a model of domestic violence community coordinated response in the '90s and so we've always kind of led rural domestic violence response," said Sarka. "This is a little bit of a different take; let's try this now and see if we can have an impact."

      OTTO recently received a $5,000 grant from the Kewadin Cares group to help with their work. The group works closely with groups like the Marquette Women's Center and Harbor House. They're currently working on a website and Facebook page to broaden their reach in the community.