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      A new law can put debit card hackers behind bars

      Governor Rick Snyder signed a law making it a felony to use skimmer devices on ATMs.

      When attached, the skimmer device records information from a card's magnetic strip. It also steals the cardholders pin number, giving them access to the account.

      The law was part of a five-bill package in hopes to keep residents' personal information secure.

      "People need to keep track and keep special attention in this day and age to bank accounts," said Det. Cpt. Gordie Warchock of the Marquette Police Department. "Through checking accounts and savings and not wait to balance your check book every six months or something like that, they need to stay on top to see if there's fraudulent withdraws."

      If someone is arrested for using a skimmer on an ATM, they'll face up to five years of jail time for the first offense. The penalty increases up to 10 years for the second offense and up to 15 years for the third offense.