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      A new look for 'The Fat Man'

      Heâ??s known as The Fat Man, a radio DJ with 100.3 The Point in Marquette. Less than two years ago, those that knew Chip Arledge could see where he thought up the nickname.

      But after his weight began affecting his health, he decided to do something about it.

      â??At one point I was 400 pounds,â?? admitted Arledge. â??I thought if push came to shove and my health really started to go south on me, I could shut this down and behave myself. Well push came to shove, so I shut things down and I began to behave myself.â??

      Through proper diet and exercise, the Fat Man lost 175 pounds.

      â??I quit drinking as much and I quit eating as much,â?? Arledge said. â??Watched what I was eatingâ?|â??

      For him, the hardest part was the psychological struggle that came with it.

      â??The way I went about it was all internally driven; there were no external forces out there driving me to do it,â?? Arledge explained.

      Nonetheless, he did it and is continuing to live a healthy, active lifestyle. He runs 25 miles a week. He also hits the gym regularly and still watches his diet.

      â??The old athlete's back,â?? Arledge stated.

      He says many people are now calling him an inspiration but hopes their actions become louder than their words.

      â??Inspiration to do what?â?? Arledge questioned. â??If it's inspiration to lose weight, then get out there and do something about it.â??