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      A new spin on the tale of the Ugly Duckling

      Some younger actors will be taking the stage starting Thursday at the Boathouse Theatre in Marquette. The Lake Superior Youth Theatre will be performing Honk Jr.

      It's a retelling of the classic story of The Ugly Duckling. The play tells the story of Ugly, a duckling who doesn't fit in with the rest of the family. Ugly gets separated from his family and goes on an adventure that leads him to discover his true beauty.

      "It's a story everybody can connect with and it's a way to support the community. We have up to 70 kids in it and it's a story about finding your inner beauty and realizing that it's ok to be unique and it's ok to be different," said the shows Director Moire Embley.

      The play runs Thursday through Sunday night starting at 7:30. A second week of performances starts August 7 and runs through August 10. Tickets are $15; $7.50 for kids 14 and under.