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      A place for the kids at FinnFest

      Every year, FinnFest offers numerous forums, activities, shopping opportunities, dancing, and much, much more.

      But if you have a little one who can't sit still long enough to get through the Tori or an interesting forum, you might want to check out Lapsi Land.

      "Traditionally, FinnFest doesn't offer so many youth activities, so it's really important for us to offer a variety of interactive youth activities, including music, and there will be some dancing activities in the coming days," said Shannon Rinkinen, FinnFest Youth Programming Coordinator.

      Lapsi Land has a designated area set up at Michigan Tech's Student Development Complex in the Wood Gym. The options include Finnish books to read, Finnish coloring, Finnish music and dancing, and you can even make Nisu bread!

      "You can make bread, and it always tastes really good because if you squeeze it so much, then it gets a little more crispy, and then it gets more crunchy the more you play with it," said Drew Wiitala, eight.

      There's also a quiet zone if children need to rest a moment or if the baby needs a snack.

      "It's a great place for kids and families to get away. It's also a great place for nursing mothers if they need a break in the action for young infants," Rinkinen said.

      Lapsi Land is open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. now through Saturday, and volunteers are available to help make Nisu bread.