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      A pre-hunt tradition in Ishpeming

      Firearm deer season opens on Thursday across the Upper Peninsula, and hunters are getting into the spirit.

      A hunters breakfast Tuesday morning at Jim's Jubilee Foods in Ishpeming attracted over 400 people. It was an opportunity to talk with other hunters before heading into the woods and a chance to stock up on supplies, according to store manager Dustin Gransinger.

      "The hunters are coming in or just our customers come in, just to talk with each other and discuss their hunting plan or whatever it may be and just the camaraderie of everything," said Gransinger.

      Bob Merrill attends the breakfast every year with his hunting camp buddies.

      "We do our shopping for the hunting camp here," said the Ishpeming man. "The rest of my crew is out with three different carts. We have two lists--one guy starts with one list, the other guy starts with the other list. We buy enough food for about a month, but we're only there for about two weeks."

      The free pancakes, scrambled eggs, and sausage are a tradition for the store that dates back over 40 years.