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      A reminder of winter driving precautions to take

      Friday's Facebook Story of the Day was about winter driving here in the Upper Peninsula. Most of us are used to driving in winter weather conditions, but we could all use a little reminder as to what precautions we need to take on the roads.

      Officials say there are three things you need to remember. Your vehicle should be prepared for the winter, meaning good tires and working mechanics.

      Be aware of speed limits and increased driving time when snowing or sleeting. Vehicles, like pickup trucks and semis, are prone to losing traction on slippery roads. Also, be sure to keep your distance between your vehicle and others, and be sure to use caution on icy roads, bridges and overpasses.

      With funding cuts for snow plowing, drivers should assume even the main roads may not be salted.

      "You have to keep in mind that you're going to have fewer runs by the plows, fewer funs by the salt trucks," said Sgt. Kevin Dowling of the Michigan State Police. "That means drivers are going to have to take that into account and adjust accordingly or you're going to end up in a ditch or worse, in an accident where someone is injured or killed."

      Also, take your time pulling out into traffic to avoid spinning your tires.