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      A seventh proposal for voters in Marquette

      There are six statewide proposals on ballots this November. Those heading to the polls in the City of Marquette will find one more.

      Voters will be asked to approve or reject the adoption of a revised City Charter. The proposal is the last item listed on the back side of the ballots, right after the state proposals.

      The Marquette City Charter Commission wants city voters to know about this seventh proposal now, as many are already filling out absentee ballots. The Commission is worried that people will think it is another statewide proposal.

      Marquette's current Charter is 60 years old. Within the last year, the commission drafted the new document that has already been approved by the state attorney general, according to Tom Baldini, Vice Chair of the Charter Commission.

      "You can look at the charter at Peter White Public Library, in the city clerk's office, or online, and there's also a Q&A sheet that's there, sort of outlining some of the provisions," he added.

      The revised charter is posted here.