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      A six-year-old boy takes action against his incurable disease

      Thursday is Austin Angeloff's sixth birthday and says he received the best gift of all after raising over $5,500 for mitochondrial disease.

      "So excited..., " exclaims Austin, "'cause I sold all thoseâ?|ribbons."

      Mitochondria are responsible for creating more than 90 percent of the energy needed by the body to support life and support growth.

      Everyone that knows Austin says this small boy comes with a big heart filled with big dreams, and he spent the past six months trying to help others, like him, who are diagnosed with mito.

      Over half of the money raised was from selling green ribbons while the rest was generously donated by the community.

      "Itâ??s such a short amount of time, itâ??s amazing," expresses his first grade teacher. "The community has come together, the school has come together...just to help him get to his goal."

      Austin's mom, Genevieve, says, "It's been an amazing show of support" and "to know that our community loves their children so much is more than you can ever ask for."

      Austin may have other fundraisers in the future, but his parents say even if he doesn't, they're proud of him.

      "You always hope that you've taught your children the right thing," explains Genevieve. "But when they do something this young, you know there's something special inside of them."