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      A successful career switch

      Sliding loaves upon loaves of dough into the oven, Peter Claybaker has finally become what his name suggests.

      "It was a growing almost need to do the baking instead of the engineering, explained head baker and owner of the Marquette Baking Company. Engineering still interests me, but I had been doing it for almost 20 years."

      Marquette residents can now catch the former mechanical engineer baking daily several varieties of specialty bread, cookies, and sweets for customers to enjoy.

      The whole grain! The fresh whole grain, sort of European-style bread... I love it!" said patron Mary Bogdan. I just moved back from the Seattle area after being gone for 30 years, so I was thrilled to see they opened a bakery here because it TMs keeping in what I TMve grown used to.

      Claybaker TMs overnight success since opening the bakery last October makes it seem like anyone can get in the kitchen and start baking, but he TMs doing more than just pounding dough. Baking for Claybaker is truly a labor of love as one loaf of his specialty breads can take 18 hours or more to bake from start to finish.

      "To bring all the flavors out in breads takes time. There really is no shortcut to it, Claybaker said. Twelve hours before you even start mixing the breads, portions of the flour are in preferment, developing flavors."

      Claybaker believes this same philosophy holds true in starting a new venture. "There's no ideal time to start your own business, he exclaimed. But if you have a passion for something, you really need to do it at some point in your life before it's too late."