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      A swim from the Upper Peninsula to the Lower

      Two Marquette residents went for a summer swim of extraordinary lengths this past Sunday. Suzanne Williams and Karl Zueger swam across the Mackinac Straits along with a group of kayakers for support.

      They took off from St. Ignace around 8 a.m. Sunday morning. Zueger made the more than four-mile swim in 1 hour 48 minutes.

      "From a swimmer's perspective in the water and looking at the far shore and knowing that I'm going to make it to the south shore, it was just, it was awesome. It was really something that I think I'll always remember," said Karl Zueger, amateur athlete.

      The original plan involved 11 swimmers making the trip on Saturday. Dangerous weather conditions ended the group's plans. Zueger said his only regret is that the other members of the group could have made the trip with him. He also said that next year, if the conditions permit, he will be there, supporting and cheering on those who attempt the swim.