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      A toddler's courageous fight for life

      Since Carter Dabb was six weeks old, he struggled with congestion, which doctors thought were allergies. It wasn't until it turned into a severe sinus infection that Carter's mom, Sarah, learned the truth.

      â??They found a mass tumor behind his nose in his right naval cavity,â?? says Sarah. â??The doctor came in and informed me and his dad that he definitely had cancer.â??

      In December, Carter was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Rhabdomyo Sarcoma, which forms in soft tissue and muscle, and because of its location, the tumor can't be surgically removed. Carter would need to undergo chemotherapy and radiation to kill the cancer.

      â??Towards the end of radiation at week six, the doctor had come out and said that he was absolutely shocked that Carter didn't have a feeding tube and made it completely through,â?? Sarah says. â??Even through the down times, still, he would still have that big goofy smile.â??

      Carter's hunger for life seemed to overcome the side effects of the treatments. So far Carter completed his radiation and a third of his 43-week chemotherapy treatment in Milwaukee. Carter has received help from family members, but his mom is still struggling with medical bills.

      His family is seeking support from the community and is having a benefit to raise money for Carterâ??s treatments this Sunday from 12 to 5 p.m. at City Park in Iron Mountain.

      If you want to help Carter, you can get in touch with the family through his Facebook or email Lisa at