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      A top 30 community college in your backyard

      â??This was a big surprise,â?? said Bay De Noc Community College president, Laura Coleman. â??We had no idea this was coming.â??

      Bay College is ranked in the top five percent of the nationâ??s community colleges, according to Washington Monthly.

      "It makes us feel good that we really are serving this community is such a great way,â?? Coleman said.

      Coleman feels Bay College is set apart from the others by offering academic support, supplemental instruction, and access to faculty.

      And, the students seem to agree.

      â??Well, at first I was surprised when I heard that statistic,â?? said Bay College graduate Ben Reath. â??But, then looking back at the quality of instruction that I received here at Bay College, I realize that was perfectly in line with what we are today.â??

      â??For being such a small community and being up against such big colleges and still being able to hold our own and come out on top,â?? said student James Nantelle.

      One student believes having the schoolâ??s quality recognized on a national level could increase enrollment.

      The new rank applies to both the West and Escanaba Bay College campuses.