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      A touch of the U.P. in Massachusetts

      Twelve police officers in Watertown, Massachusetts will soon get a surprise package from one U.P. company.

      Tori Sager is the Co-Founder of Fellow Flowers, a women's running movement in the U.P.

      The company makes flowers for women to wear in their hair when running, in support of the movement.

      When scrolling through her Facebook newsfeed recently, Sager came across a story about the twelve officers.

      The officers were one of the departments who responded to the Boston Marathon Bombings last year.

      This year, they've decided to run as a group in honor of the bombing victims.

      Sager and her company then decided to send one flower and one shirt to each member of the Police Department running.

      "Through this gesture and project, we were reminded that Fellow Flowers isn't just about women supporting other women, but people supporting people," said Sager.

      Last year, Fellow Flowers made shirts to raise money for One Fund Boston, a fund set up for bombing victims.

      The company is giving 12 of these shirts, and 12 flowers, to the officers running.

      Businesses and individuals have bought the shirts and flowers for the officers, all of the proceeds will go to One Fund Boston.

      To find out more about Fellow Flowers, click here.