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      A view from the top

      Brockway Mountain has added one more beautiful sight to see with the recent introduction of a two-story overlook. The construction started back in May, and now that it's finished, it has become a great place for residents and visitors to overlook Copper Harbor and Lake Superior.

      "We know that the overlook was private over Copper Harbor. That was one of the things we wanted to make sure that was protected for the future, and the landowner, fortunately, had the same interest in doing that, and along with that we decided that building an overlook would be really important for future generations to be able to enjoy," said Lori Hauswirth of U.P. Planning & Development Region.

      The project cost around half a million dollars with $400,000 funded by a grant. The rest of the money came from the Keweenaw County Road Commission and the former landowner. Next spring, signs will be added to the lookout.