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      A voice for peace during Middle East violence

      The violence in the Middle East continues for a seventh day Tuesday. Israeli and Palestinian forces have been conducting air strikes against each other. So far, more than 120 people have been killed.

      Both sides are close to a cease fire agreement that could come as soon as Tuesday night.

      Here in Marquette, Palestinian peaceful protestor Iyad Burnat spoke to students Tuesday at Northstar Academy. He's on a tour of America, talking about peaceful protests in his village where Israeli forces erected a wall. Burnat hopes students can learn the value of peaceful protest and appreciate their everyday freedom.

      "The people of Palestine are looking for their freedom. We want to have our freedom, we want to have equality, we want to have justice in our land, this is what we're looking for," said Iyad Burnat, guest speaker.

      During his presentation, Burnat used videos shot by his brother during his protests as well as photos that show the struggles of his fellow protestors. He will continue speaking in major cities across the U.S. through December.