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      A walk in the woods

      The annual Hike for Tikes is coming up. This year they hope to raise more money than ever for Bay Cliff Health Camp. For the past four years, Kevin Kukla and his brother, Brian, have hiked from Ishpeming to Bay Cliff to raise funds for the camp. They hike off the beaten path through the U.P. wilderness for four days and finish at Bay Cliff. The brothers pack about 70 pounds of equipment for the 32-mile hike, but they feel it's all worth it.

      "I just honestly can't think of a better place to give money to. If you're going to raise money for something, at least it goes local. They do such a fantastic job out there," said Kevin Kukla, hiker. "When we arrived last year, it was just such a heart melting feeling; those kids, they gave us such a great welcome when we got there."

      They'll be taking off from the Al Quaal Recreation Area this Sunday. Last year they managed to raise about $5,000 for Bay Cliff. Among other businesses, Wausau Homes, Hudson Mechanical and Timber Ridge Construction have all donated to the cause. You can find out more about how you can donate by clicking here.