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      A warning for wildfire season

      The sunny, dry weather is back and that's bringing back a dangerous situation: wildfires.

      During late April and early May, the warm, windy conditions make Michigan more susceptible to wildfires. The Department of Natural Resources is reminding people that if you're doing any burning of debris or camping, be extra careful.

      If you're brush burning, you'll need a burn permit from the DNR.

      "Keep the grass and leaves cleaned away from your house and the branches back away from the house," said DNR Fire Specialist Bryce Avery, "especially in the corner. If you have gutters, clean the leaves or needles out of your gutter. If there is a fire in the area, all those are receptive fuel beds for embers."

      If you're in the area of a fire, officials urge you to call 911 and wait for firefighters to arrive.

      There have already been several wildfires throughout the Upper Peninsula this spring.