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      ABATE members discuss helmet law

      Region 1 of American Bikers Aiming Toward Education held their first meeting Sunday since Michigan enacted the no helmet law.

      The meeting made sure that all members were aware of the details of the new law and the conditions that come with riding without a helmet. Motorcyclists must be over 21, have two years of experience, and have an additional $20,000 of medical insurance coverage. ABATE teaches motorcyclists across Michigan how to properly and safely drive motorcycles, claiming that safe driving is more important than wearing or not wearing a helmet.

      "A helmet isn't what saves your life. It's what's between the ears that will save your life, not the helmet," said ABATE Region 1 Coordinator, Pete Lemoine.

      Region 1 of ABATE meets on the first Sunday of every month at Logger's Alley in Bruce Crossing.