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      Abstinence; put a ring on it

      Lake Superior Christian Church teamed up with the Care Clinic to bring a nationwide program promoting abstinence to Sands Township Wednesday night. It's called Silver Ring Thing and it uses skits, informational videos and peer experiences to encourage teens to refrain from sex until marriage. There was also a separate program for parents where they learned what they can do to help encourage their kids towards abstinence.

      "The goal is to reach out and to let teens know that abstinence is a choice and that their parents are here to support the choice that they are making tonight and this is a fun environment that makes it easier for the parents and more fun for the kids," said Cindy Asher, Executive Director of the Care Clinic.

      After the program teens were sized for rings they could purchase for $20. Silver Ring Thing is a program that travels the country promoting their message. It cost about $5,000 to bring to the area.