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      Acrobatic water skiers perform throughout the summer

      The Ski-ters are back and they're making a splash in Spread Eagle.

      "Eighteen years. Iâ??ve been in Ski-ters 18 years,â?? said Ski-ter, Dan Shaughnessy.

      Heâ??s a proud Ski-ter, along with many other remarkable performers, but he said it took a while to master the water art.

      â??Biggest thing is learning how to fall, not learning how to jump, learning how to fall,â?? Shaughnessy said.

      And what once may have been fear now becomes fun.

      â??Once you learn it, it's not scary anymore, but when you're learning, you're pretty much full of fear, but everything becomes muscle-memory after that,â?? Shaughnessy added.

      The Badwater Ski-ters have been performing for over 50 years, and believe it or not, some of the youngest participants are three years old.

      â??Three to five we like to start them,â?? Shaughnessy said.

      Human pyramids, couples performances, and team jumping are only a few of the aquatic acts to behold at the free shows that will continue throughout the summer. Visit the Badwater Ski-tersâ?? website at